Stewards Ministries has three scholarship plans. The first is for students who are unmarried dependent children of full-time workers commended from Plymouth Brethren (Christian Brethren) assemblies in the United States and Canada. The second provides financial assistance to commended workers for courses, seminars and conferences that will increase the effectiveness of their ministry. The third, a recent addition to the scholarship program, provides graduate scholarships for individuals enrolled full-time in a graduate program for the purpose of enhancing their ministry skills for service in an assembly, assembly-related ministry, or on the mission field for at least two years following completion of their studies. Details of the scholarship programs are described below.

1. Scholarships for Children of Commended Workers

A. Renewal Applications

Renewal Applications will be accepted from students who received a Stewards Ministries’ Scholarship for the 2021 academic year. The Renewal Scholarship amount will be up to $1,000 except for those students attending Emmaus Bible College, who are eligible for an up to $2,000 scholarship.

B. New Scholarship Applications

For the academic year beginning in August 2022, New Scholarship Applications are limited to unmarried undergraduate students who are legally dependent children of full-time commended workers, academically qualified, have a proven Christian testimony and character, and demonstrate evidence of financial need. A recommendation from the elders of the parents’ commending assembly is also required.

Scholarships are granted to supplement other sources of income and are given for a period of one year. A scholarship may be renewed annually upon request for up to four years of undergraduate work. The scholarship amount for the academic year beginning August 2022 is up to $1,000, except for students attending Emmaus Bible College. Students attending Emmaus Bible College are eligible for an up to $2,000 scholarship. This amount is subject to change annually based on funds available in the scholarship program.

The deadline for submitting an application is June 1st preceding the start of the fall school calendar.

Students who complete their education with the aid of a Stewards Ministries’ scholarship and become privately employed are encouraged to consider giving a gift to the scholarship program of an amount equal to the scholarships received. This will provide continued opportunity for others to receive financial assistance. All gifts are voluntary and serve as an expression of the desire to assist others through the scholarship services provided by Stewards Ministries.

2. Commended Worker Scholarships

A letter expressing approval of the commending assembly, or of the assembly where the worker currently serves must accompany scholarship applications for commended workers.

Since the purpose of the scholarship program is to aid commended workers and their assemblies in meeting educational financial needs, the application will request financial data on the total cost of the program and the extent to which the worker and assembly will contribute to the educational costs.

Repeat applications will be considered for attendance at seminars and conferences. Part-time programs that may lead to a Masters or Doctorate degree will be considered for a one-time gift. All funds distributed are considered as gifts to further the work of the Lord.

3. Graduate Scholarships

Stewards Ministries offers a limited number of graduate scholarships. Potential scholarship recipients will be:

  • A full-time assembly-commended worker or a full-time staff member at a local assembly, assembly-related ministry or
  • A graduate student in good standing in an assembly, and
  • Enrolled full-time in a graduate program in theology, or a discipline related to their field of ministry.

The intent of this scholarship is to assist those who intend to serve in an assembly, assembly-related ministry, or on the mission field for at least two years following completion of their studies. A scholarship recipient will be required to affirmatively state his or her intention to comply with these requirements and acknowledge an obligation to repay scholarship funds in the event such commitment is not completed.

The Elders of a scholarship recipient’s assembly will be required to provide oversight and mentoring during the academic award year.

The award of a graduate scholarship will be at the absolute discretion of the scholarship committee. Matters such as prior academic success, selected academic institution, intended graduate degree program, nature and duration of current assembly ministry, nature of intended post-graduate ministry, and willingness of assembly oversight to provide academic year mentoring will be considered in the awarding of scholarships.

Scholarship recipients may receive up to $2,000 to be used for books and tuition. The funds will be distributed through the recipient’s assembly.


Application forms for both scholarship programs are available in printable PDF formats below or you may fill them out and submit them online:

GRADUATE - SCHOLARSHIP Download Apply Online
GRADUATE - RENEWAL Download Apply Online


If you have any questions or would like some additional information about either of Stewards Ministries scholarship programs, please contact us by telephone at 847.842.0227 or 800.551.6505. You may also contact us here.